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We Are Two Loose Tongues Slurring Our Curses

Sunday August 26, 2012
Quick categorization:
-Didn't work as I got home super late
-Had a relaxing day in bed enjoying my recovery
-Watched The Newsroom finale which was great and just has me wanting more and more
-Went to Milk and had some lovely whisky and started a brilliant little book called The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
-Got Pita Grill and am now re-watching the finale
-Life is swell, as it always is

Sunday August 26, 2012
Yes, there is a gaping hole in the records of the weeks previous to today, but I just felt very busy and didn't think or have time to keep a running tally. I really regret it because the goal of this blog was to keep score of everything I did and the experiences I had, but I failed at doing that a bit. But, there's always time for restarting, so here we are.
Not recapping the month, I'll probably do that at a later date.
-Yesterday I worked at the Shoe Company, it wasn't terrible
-I went to Nicole's to play volleyball in the pool but it was too late so myself, her, Kyla, and Madi chatted by the pool for a bit and then headed to Jordan's, where he made us delicious tacos (even though they were hard shell which I hate)
-A ton of people showed up at what became a bit of an impromptu party, including a girl from my new job which was unexpected
-Some of the girls left to go to Manchester while we played COD drinking games for two round in which we all got steadily more drunk
-Headed downtown and went to Manchester to find the girls. They weren't there but a couple of our friends were (one being Nicole's exboyfriend, so it was decently hilarious and also not okay, so we had to leave)
-Proceeded to The Loop where we all had a shitload of fun, danced a lot, listened to great music, and Jordan brought over some girls I may or may not have had a crush on at one point in my life which was also hilarious and kind of nice to chat with them
-We left, the walk was ridiculous, I took Nicole home
-Came back here, talked to Susan, met up with her at the river, and talked because we haven't done that is a hell of a long time
-I'm making her come to Jere and Jocelyn's wedding with me, come hell or high water (say "hell" again) Hell
-Then I slept at 7:30ish and got up at 11:30ish and didn't go to work because of reasons
-Now I am off to eat and make something of my day
Welcome back Jay

Wednesday August 8, 2012
-I woke up at 6:30 and got ready for work
-Got to Old Navy at 8 and the girl came out and told me that the Banana crew weren't there... confused, I went to Gap and asked the girl there, no such luck and no one had my manager's number
-So I drove all the way to BR with very little gas and discovered that no one was there either!
-Had I just gotten my days confused? I drove home and figured, hell, I'm up at 8:30 I might as well go for a run
-And then I checked the paper I wrote my schedule on and realized I worked at 10-1, fuck me
-Went and ended up with a sore bottom from the plastic chairs but there were snacks and a cool girl and hilarious videos; the best training videos I've ever seen
-I was so tired I couldn't communicate or pay much attention, so it was a bit of a wasted day
-Came home, napped for awhile, watched some Olympics, argued on the internet, and then got Jarrod
-We came here and watched some T.V. and chatted with my mom who made a hilarious joke and then we watched 20 clips of The Swedish Chef for some insane reason
-Ian came over and instead of working on episode two of the script due to some difficulties in potential casting, we just made each other laugh for hours, watched more youtube shit, and just had a good time. And just before they were going to leave we threw out some ideas for episode 7, and they were great ideas, so it was productive to some extent
-Then I watched BB after dark (of course) and got a good night sleep
-May go on a nice picnic in a bit, even though it's rainy, I know a good covered spot that is still outside
Seee yah!

August 7, 2012
-Uhh... woke up and watched some volleyball
-Didn't have to work
-Walked to Ian's and got to work on the first script with Jarrod
-Finished that
-Celebrated with our fists
-Drove to Belleriver and had good talks for a long time
-Headed to Milk to drink Cherry Whisky Slushies
-Watched open mic
-Felt inspired
-Came home, didn't give a shit about internet drama, came to the final conclusion that I am not perpetuating this shit anymore, I will let it fizzle. Will I answer things? Sure. I will be direct or a dick, because anons do not matter, but I haven't been an asshole to Sam and I will continue to not say anything rude about her and I will continue with my life, which is going beyond swimmingly, just so the internet knows (even though it's none of their Goddamn business)
-Sleep as I have to be up at 6:30 again and I will be exhausted with four hours of sleep
-But it will end and it will be a long ass weekend for me, with partying (like an adult) and having a blast

Monday August 6, 2012
-I woke up and pretty much did nothing all day
-I watched The Newsroom marathon (I can't stop) and some Olympic volleyball
-I eventually went to Ian's to meet up with him and Jarrod and we got 3/5 scenes written for the pilot episode
-Tomorrow we're starting out much earlier and hopefully can get a good amount written
-I'm just pumped to have scripts done, practice for the character I want, and then to see how hilarious the table read will be
-Now I'm home, starving with nothing to eat, and heading to bed
-Laters on the menjay

Sunday August 5, 2012
-I slept at 12:30, which hasn't happened too much in the last ten years
-Woke up feeling great at 6:30 and headed off to start my first day at Banana Republic
-I quit
-I'm kidding
-It was fun and pretty easy, although it was information overload big time. But there were chocolate croissants and good juice and everyone seemed nice and awesome
-Got off an hour earlier than I expected and it was beautiful out so I went home, napped for an hour, and then tried to get a beach day going
-That failed with everyone but Josh, so him and I went to Camper's Cove and hung with my mom and went to the beach for a bit
-Drove home to the lovely songs of John Mayer, dropped him off, and came home to watch The Newsroom
-Ian came by with our friend Meghan who is in town for a couple days so I chatted with them for a bit
-Now it is BB After Dark and then bed
-So stoked on this job, it's going to be awesome (I hope)

Saturday August 4, 2012
-Woke up for work, went to work, worked
-It was boring but I told my Justin Pelee Island story which was fun
-Came home and ate some things and then watched some Olympics and The Social Network and lounged in bed listening to the storm all night
-I am tired for some reason which is perfect so now I can wake up and not be a zombie for my first day of work tomorrow
-That is all

Friday August 3, 2012
-Woke up for work feeling swell
-Work was alright, with some issues that were basically all my fault
-I came home hoping to go canoeing but that fell through
-Watched some great volleyball and ate a bunch and took a three hour fucking nap
-I was planning to run but watched more Olympics until Jarrod and Ian decided to come by
-They showed me the 6 episodes of the show they're writing and I love it and am very passionate about helping to create and making it come to fruition
-We had a great time laughing and working out details of the plot summary and then they left
-I got an hour work out in while watching Big Brother after dark (intense times with Boogie and Dan! And fuck Jennelle)
-Now I need to sleep to work my boring shift tomorrow, followed by maybe a relaxing hang out here before sleeping for my 8am shift
Good things on the rise.

Wednesday August 1, 2012
-Today I got up and did my income tax, which was sweet because apparently I'm getting $1000 back in a week or so
-Then I came home and beach day was cancelled and so was volleyball so I just watched endless amounts of Olympics
-Went to my nephews to babysit him for a little bit
-Came home and went for a great run to the river which killed me as I did a lot of stairs and a lot of vertical jumps to improve my height
-Came home and can barely walk because apparently there are muscles lower than your calves, who knew?
-Worked out a bit, ate a good meal, and took a great shower
-Now I am preparing for sleep and then doing basically nothing tomorrow, it should be good

Tuesday July 31, 2012
Eventful day
-I woke up super late because I thought my mom was going to wake me to help with groceries but she didn't go and our power went out so I had no idea what time it was (2pm)
-I ate and Jordan came to get me to go get his bed from JYSK (day two of trying to get this thing)
-We grabbed Ian and his truck, went there, got most of the bed, and went to Jor's
-Me and Ian came here and listened to some music that he may use for the t.v. show that's in the works
-Jordan grabbed us again and we went to his house where him and I spent two goddamn hours putting that thing together while Ian and Steve played COD
-Then we hung out and I watched because I hate that game and we had a great time; the house is awesome and I love those boys
-For some fucking reason me and Ian decided that going for a jog at 1am would be a great idea even though neither of us had done heavy cardio in years (discounting last week)
-So we did that and I actually loved it even though we didn't go as far as we planned. But I jogged home as well which was great. Definitely sticking with that.
-Now I am in bed after eating a good post-workout snack, watching Big Brother after dark as usual, and heading to bed in four minutes
-Tomorrow should be super jam packed as well, can't wait.


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