I Was A Black Pen; You Were A Dagger

We Are Two Loose Tongues Slurring Our Curses

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Wednesday August 29, 2012
-Literally stayed in bed all day having a Newsroom marathon
-Ate as often as I could
-Showered at like 6 or something and then headed to BR for shipment work
-Left there at 11:30 after we did a great, quick job
-Went to Phog and had pizza and chatted with Tom a bit
-Read a good chunk of TFIOS
-At a gas station a dude heard me playing The Cinema and we talked about it and he said he'd download it because he loved Lydia
-Came home and worked on some songs for open mic night (A Wonder Years song and a Ben Kweller song and four originals, two of which I need to finish writing but keep putting it off. Goal for tomorrow)
-Watched some BB After Dark
-Watched the first three songs from The Ready Aim Fire!'s heartbreaking final set
-Sleep time


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