I Was A Black Pen; You Were A Dagger

We Are Two Loose Tongues Slurring Our Curses

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Monday August 27, 2012/Tuesday August 28, 2012
-Worked and it was alright, although pretty brutal in kids
-Got home and decided to head to Milk to get some reading done
-Anthony stopped me out front of Phog and told me to come in to hang with him, Dan, Marc, and Josh for James O-L's birthday/open mic
-I hung there and had a really good time, talked to Josh a bit about music and maybe working together again
-Sang What's my Age Again with the whole bar and then left at 2
-Got home and chatted with my mom for like an hour which was nice
-Got up super late feeling like shit
-Did nothing until finally going to Jordan's where him and Steve jammed on some Minus the Bear and Alexisonfire in the music room
-Jor and I went to the mall to buy the new MTB record and see Jarrod
-Went to Ian's and watched a hilarious home movie for a goddamn hour and laughed hysterically
-Then we worked on the script for a little bit and died and died laughing. I don't know what was wrong with us but it was hilarious
Tomorrow is late night work, so I will be having a marathon of The Newsroom starting right now


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